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On Postulation Day, the lists of candidates will be submitted to the Central Voting Bureau by the respective representatives or acting representatives of the political parties, who have to be registered in that capacity with the Central Voting Bureau. 
All political parties were informed that they have to indicate the names and contact information of their representative and the acting representative to the Central Voting Bureau in advance, in order for these persons to be duly registered with the Central Voting Bureau. 
The Central Voting Bureau also requested each party to indicate a preferred time on Postulation Day (between the hours of 9 am – 4 pm) in order to allow the Central Voting Bureau to set up a timetable for the submission of the lists of candidates by the various political parties. A copy of the Ministerial Decree nr. 2014/1186, regulating the colors which can be assigned to the various lists of candidates was also provided to the various political parties.​